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Dr. Habiba Ben Romdhane

Dr. Habiba Ben Romdhane is a professor of Preventive Medicine and director of the Epidemiology and Prevention Research Department of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) at the University of Tunis. Dr. Ben Romdhane was the Tunisian Minister of Health. She has been the Chief Executive Officer for the National Board of Family and Population. Dr. Ben Romdhane was elected through Distinction as a Fellow in the Faculty of Public Health at the Royal College of Physicians in the UK. Dr. Ben Romdhane has coordinated several epidemiological stud­ies on non communicable diseases (NCDs) and implemented the Healthy Urbanization Project in Tunisia.

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Governance in support of Common Goods for Health

Governance in support of Common Goods for Health ?

November 4, 2020
Over the last few years, global health systems experts have begun to make progre